Wednesday, December 14, 2011

So almost stabbing victim, Natalie Grace No Trauma

Presenter Louisa beautiful Natalie Grace almost became victims of the stabbing when he was bringing the 'Who's Behind the Nunun' in Reuters recently. However, he admitted to not traumatized by the horrible incident.

"I do not traumatic, but if so the same dikagetin friends, instantly excited," said the woman born in Jakarta on July 4, 1982 was when found detikhot in Kemang, South Jakarta, Wednesday (14/12/2011).

Owner height 155cm and weight 46kg was admitted confused with actor named Adil Firmansyah statement claiming to be a fan of weight. But on the other hand, from the known to police, the man is healthy.

"Confusing the hell her statement. First he said he hated the same number 1 Reuters, he said he kept preaching the same hate and finally he told AFP ngefans with me until I collected the photos. Well lo! It becomes really scary," he said.

No doubt Grace, seven years engaged in the world of journalism and television presenter has made ​​a lot of fans especially men. Moreover, he also considered intelligent and had a beautiful face and charming.

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