Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Camelia Malik So Mediator at Hearings Dewi Persik

Feud between Dewi Persik case with Jupiter appears to be over soon. Agenda of the next trial would produce witnesses and Camelia Malik Ahmad Dhani.

"For the next week this has something to do with the memorandum of consensus for peace. So we expect that the witness Ahmad Dhani as a facilitator in the peace memorandum. In addition to mediating the Camelia Malik," the attorney said Dewi Persik, Yanuar Good Sasmito after the trial in Eastern District Court , Milling Road, Pondok Kopi, East Jakarta, Wednesday (12/14/2011).

Yanuar continued that the memorandum of understanding that will be included. Because the Goddess Jupe felt that the use of these notes.

"It should be clarified who have no intention of making peace. If he (Jupe) feel no guilt for what, then those who come to our side," added Yanuar.

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