Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Oldest Ever Pregnant, Joanna Alexandra Penance

Joanna Alexandra confess his life at a young age is very messy. But after having a family, Joanna admitted that he had repented.

"I'm as husband and repentance, was begajulan (naughty) really. So more adults suddenly. Now there's tail (the child) can not get careless," said Joanna Gunawarman when found in the area, South Jakarta, Tuesday (17/1/2012 ) night.

Being a mother of two children in a new usian 24 years, does not make Joanna sorry. Because in fact, he was aspiring to get married young.

"I married the age of 20 years. From the beginning was going to marry young. Yes, it's finally time I got pregnant first, then marriage. Nah sorry really. I've been through it all. Any problem I ever passed. More nyadar. More kebuka mind. So much smarter, "he explained.

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