Sunday, December 11, 2011

Shita Destya, widow of Love Challenge Section

Shita Destya sexy actress started her career as a photo model. Because like the challenge, the widow of two children is now trying his luck with a enliven the entertainment universe the country.

"I do like to challenge people and new things," he said when talking with detikhot recently.

Women born in Jakarta on December 20, 1984 it tells the story, since childhood she has been featured on television and through the drama at the station TVRI. Because wants to be independent, while still sitting in upper secondary school (high school), he plunged into the world of photo model.

"Since childhood, I do not want to bother their parents. Pas high school I've become a photo model. I'm out of town road show. From there I started to enjoy, it can be money. Though there was initially no intention to be a model," Gomez said.

Until one day, his career should be stopped because they decide to marry young with his girlfriend. To fill activities, he also chose to continue their education to college.

"Time was married at the age of 17 years. I had studied at the Jakarta Art Institute, but because I'm jealous husband, and I finally quit working so marketing in clothing importing company of French origin," Gomez said.

But unfortunately again because of his jealousy of the husband, Shita have to stop working. He was again decided to go to college. This time in the department of obstetrics dominated by women.

"Unfortunately I'm still jealous husband, even though it was a child I was 2. And then I have the talent in the world of health and achievement," ketusnya. As a result, their marriage was just a whole corn and endless divorce.

"I was divorced at age 21 because of the attitude I'm a jealous husband, the selfish and like to do domestic violence," said disappointed.

Owner height 163cm and weight 46kg was admitted today that he was so upset because the household failed. But because his life must pay for his two children, he also tried to get up and go back to his old profession as a photo model while still completing his education in the world of midwifery.

"Because had a vacuum, I have to start again from the very small fee. From start to Rp. 100 to 200 thousand," he recalls.

Thanks to the persistence of Shita, the goddess Fortuna seemed to favor him. His career in the world of becoming a model photo shine until finally he tried his fortune on the screen as the presenter, movie player television (FTV) and soap operas, advertising video clip to the model.

Shita been a presenter at several television stations such as the 'Paradiso', 'Echo Isles' and 'Goda-Gado'. FTV titles such as 'Layla', 'Love Me Not', 'Love for Aldo', 'prayer rug Love' once starred. He also played in the soap opera and sitcom 'Arini 1 & 2', 'Super Hero Laugh', 'Kanjeng Mummy', and others.

Some commercial ever starring Shita. In addition, he also became a model in the band's video clips as GIGI in the song 'Amnesia' and Andra and the Backbone in the song 'The Past Goodbye'.

"When I feel that his name was never a holiday, unless hospitalized. It's really the focus of the work. Moreover, I've got two kids and have to feed them. So his mind how to earn money honestly, that's all I have," he said.


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