Sunday, December 4, 2011

Kikan Namara Find Replacement Yuke?

After officially divorced from Yuke, Kikan was very concerned to nurture both her ​​baby, Shira and Key Sampurna and Allegra. But lately the news blows Kikan Yuke has now found a replacement.

"It is not easy because I had been with two kids trying to live with what is," he said when met at the Senayan, South Jakarta, Sunday (04/12/2011).

But apparently the former vocalist of the band 'Chocolate' is still reluctant to mention anyone who has filled his heart. The most important thing for him is how both her ​​baby can be happy.

"Because they are giving me the spirit to always work," he said with a smile.

Ark household Kikan and Yuke should end at the South Jakarta Religious Court in 2007.

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