Saturday, December 31, 2011

Anji Cancel Marriage, Dhani, Maia Hot Again

November 2011 cancellation of the wedding scene begins with the former vocalist of 'Drive' Anji and Vienna which was originally to be held on December 11, 2011. They were even a great feud heats up on microblogging site Twitter.

Through a series of tweets Vienna, Anji off to marry her because cheating denganseorang model. Although not the name, model name Raline Shah finally carried around. Because the issue of increasingly wild, both Anji and Vienna and then hastily clarified and denied involvement Raline feud between them.

Shocking news also came from the couple Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries. The new 72 days to get married, Kim decided to divorce her husband. Various rumors were terrific barrage hit both. Even the mention of their marriage engineered for publicity only.

Kim and Kris allegedly just want to make money from their marriage and to boost the popularity of each. As is known, they get millions of dollars from sponsorship to broadcasting rights.

Feud between her ex-husband Estianty Maia Ahmad Dhani and heats up in November. It was triggered by the release of photos of their child Ahmad Al Ghozali were smoking and holding a bottle of beer with her ​​girlfriends.

The couple said they crowded in the media and blaming each other for the case. Maia thought Al's bad behavior because the baby is upset by the presence of Mulan in the house the father and the lack of supervision. But it was denied because he considered himself Dhani has very strict parenting.

The arrival of socialite Paris Hilton world to Bali as well so warm conversation in November. He claimed to really enjoy his holiday on the island of gods and called it like heaven and the most beautiful places he has visited.

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